Aubrey Davis

My good friend, Aubrey Davis, is an award winning author and storyteller.  Check out Aubrey’s new books Kishka for Koppel and A Hen for Izzy Pippik.

Brindle & Glass

A British Columbia publisher of many fine books.  They publish regional and national titles; new editions of books that should still be available; books for adults and for young readers; fiction, drama and poetry.


A great resource for writers. Duotrope offers an extensive, searchable database of current fiction, poetry, and non-fiction markets, a calendar of upcoming deadlines, submissions trackers and useful statistics compiled from the millions of data points they’ve gathered on the publishers they list.

Institute for Cross-cultural Exchange (ICE)

A great, Canadian charity. ICE is dedicated to promoting children’s literacy and cross-cultural education, at home and abroad. It donates high quality illustrated books featuring stories from the Middle East and Central Asia to literacy programs serving children in need.

Lenore Rowntree

My good friend, Lenore, is my co-editor on Hidden Lives. She’s an award-winning writer based here in British Columbia.  Her short stories and poetry have been published in Other Voices, The New Quarterly, ink magazine and Room magazine. Her personal essays and creative non-fiction have been published in Geist Magazine, The Tyee, The Globe and Mail, and the Vancouver Courier.


ManWoman (“Manny,” for short) has been a friend of my family since the late seventies.  I spent many brilliant hours hanging around his studio as a boy.  Every town should have an artist like Manny.

Places for Writers

Places for Writers is a Canadian and international writers’ resource site. Since 1997, it has been posting writing contests and submission calls, occasional literary news, publishing information, and links to great writing organizations.

Robert Twigger

One of my favourite writers and bloggers.  Robert Twigger is a British author and explorer who has been described as, “a 19th Century adventurer trapped in the body of a 21st Century writer”.

Tahir Shah

My favourite travel writer. Tahir Shah is the of author fifteen books, many of which chronicle a wide range of outlandish journeys through Africa, Asia and the Americas. For him, there’s nothing so important as deciphering the hidden underbelly of the lands through which he travels.

The Planisphere

A blog about exploration, ideas, culture and discovery by John Zada, a freelance writer and photographer based in Toronto who covers travel, culture and the Middle East.

About Andrew Boden


Andrew Boden is the co-editor of Hidden Lives: Coming Out on Mental Illness, a groundbreaking anthology of evocative personal essays by writers who either suffer from or have close family members who have been diagnosed with a serious mental health or developmental disorder. His articles on mental illness have appeared in Open Minds Quarterly and Other Voices. His stories and essays have appeared in The Journey Prize Stories: 22, Prairie Fire, Descant, Vancouver Review, and the anthology Nobody's Father: Life Without Kids. Andrew is vice-president and director of the Institute for Cross-Cultural Exchange, a Canadian children’s literacy charity, and has helped build homes in San Quintin, Mexico. He enjoys cave exploration, especially on Vancouver Island and in the Chilliwack region. He currently resides in Burnaby, BC.