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 Read Andrew’s Journey Prize questionnaire in the National Post

‘ In 2010, the Journey Prize was at it again, promoting “the best of Canada’s new writers.” This year’s selection is edited by Pasha Malla, Joan Thomas and Alissa York, and I have no dispute with their picks, chosen from short stories initially published in small, literary magazines. The Journey Prize, of course, includes a $10,000 cheque to the best of the best.

‘Money aside, congratulations to the Vancouver Review.Two of the most remarkable stories here (in my opinion) were initially published there: Danielle Egan’s “Publicity” and Andrew Boden’s “Confluence of Spoors.” Krista Foss’s “The Longitude of Okay” was excellent, as was Lynn Kutsukake’s “Mating,” Mike Spry’s “Five Pounds Short and Apologies to Nelson Algren,” and Andrew MacDonald’s “Eat Fist.”’

— From the Underground Book Club,  “a blog by Michael Bryson, founder of The Danforth Review, displaying content new and recycled. Special, but not exclusive, focus on Canadian literature. A work in progress.”

‘“Confluence of Spoors” is a good example of a story, too, that deserves and benefits from repeat readings.  To me that’s the mark of a truly strong piece of short fiction: something that engages on the surface, but then, when you go back to it a second (and third time), gets richer, more nuanced and layered.’

— Pasha Malla, The Journey Prize Stories: 22


About Andrew Boden


Andrew Boden is the co-editor of Hidden Lives: Coming Out on Mental Illness, a groundbreaking anthology of evocative personal essays by writers who either suffer from or have close family members who have been diagnosed with a serious mental health or developmental disorder. His articles on mental illness have appeared in Open Minds Quarterly and Other Voices. His stories and essays have appeared in The Journey Prize Stories: 22, Prairie Fire, Descant, Vancouver Review, and the anthology Nobody's Father: Life Without Kids. Andrew is vice-president and director of the Institute for Cross-Cultural Exchange, a Canadian children’s literacy charity, and has helped build homes in San Quintin, Mexico. He enjoys cave exploration, especially on Vancouver Island and in the Chilliwack region. He currently resides in Burnaby, BC.